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Detox Dozen: 12 Superfoods that Naturally Cleanse the Body

Detox Dozen

There are various types of commercially available detox diets, but some superfoods can help clear your body of toxins naturally. Refer to the following list of right-for-all-type foods for your next Blood Type Diet-friendly detox: The Detox Dozen 1. Lemons Contain vitamin C that the body needs to make glutathione that the liver uses in its detox process. 2. Blueberries Loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients. … Continue reading Detox Dozen: 12 Superfoods that Naturally Cleanse the Body »

Managing Mild Anxiety Attacks

Manage Mild Anxiety Attacks

By the time we reach adulthood, we’ve most likely experienced a panic attack or anxiety attack. Lots of things can trigger mild anxiety; public speaking, worries over a test or work project or concern over a friend or family member’s health or well-being. Just like our tolerance for certain foods, our tolerance for stress is different based on our blood type and yet, even among … Continue reading Managing Mild Anxiety Attacks »

Depression, Stress and Your Blood Type

Battling Stress & Depression with The Blood Type Diet

Dr. Ginger Nash is a naturopathic physician who worked with Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine. We are fortunate to have her insight into the connection between blood type and stress and depression. Q: Are individuals of certain blood types more susceptible to different types of depression or anxiety? What causes this? A: One’s blood type can certainly predispose … Continue reading Depression, Stress and Your Blood Type »

5 Easy Steps to Prevent Bloating with Personalized Nutrition

Tips to Prevent Bloating

Nobody likes to feel bloated.  Reduce the likelihood of feeling like a balloon with these easy tips: 1. Follow your Blood Type Diet Eating the right foods reduces the chances that your digestive system will rebel! Find individualized food lists here, or use our Blood Type Diet App. 2. Stay away from carbonated beverages Tiny bubbles can cause big problems in your gut.  Instead of … Continue reading 5 Easy Steps to Prevent Bloating with Personalized Nutrition »

A Sedentary Life is Hurting Your Health, Personalized Nutrition Can Help

Sedentary Lifestyle

Americans are sitting more than ever. In 2016, the average American adolescent spent 8.2 hours sitting and the average adult spent 6.4. These numbers are significant increases from previous figures, and these sedentary behaviors are hurting our health. Research shows that spending more than six hours a day on your backside can raise blood pressure and elevate your risk for diabetes, obesity and depression. And … Continue reading A Sedentary Life is Hurting Your Health, Personalized Nutrition Can Help »


What is Acupuncture?

Many people start The Blood Type Diet as a way to manage illness or chronic pain and many experience life changing results. While Eating Right 4 Your Type can help manage these, you might want some extra relief. Consider acupuncture as a time-proven and natural way to help combat illness and pain. So, just what is acupuncture? Many people have heard of the acupuncturist’s use … Continue reading Acupuncture »

Is Your Workout Making You Stressed? Personalize it.

Workout adding stress

Exercise is widely considered by health professionals to be an antidote to stress. But what if the type of exercise program you choose is causing stress rather than providing relief? Exercise: One Size Does Not Fit All Dr. Peter D’Adamo believes that individuals have a different physiological response to various types of exercise. In other words, the spinning class that energizes your best friend and makes her feel great may … Continue reading Is Your Workout Making You Stressed? Personalize it. »

Put the YOU Back in Immunity with Personalized Nutrition

Immunity Tips

One of the most common questions we are asked at D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition is, “How can I boost my immune system?” Our answer is simple – we tell them, “Follow the diet. Eat your beneficial foods and be extra careful to stay away from your avoids.” Remember, your blood type is the key to your body’s entire immune system. It controls the influences of viruses, … Continue reading Put the YOU Back in Immunity with Personalized Nutrition »

Pet Owners Stress Less

Pet Owners Stress Less

There’s been a long debate between cat and dog owners over which pet is best, but regardless of your choice of furry friend, studies have shown that have a pet can help to reduce stress levels and live a happier life.  Below are a few facts about the emotional benefits of having a feline friend or canine companion! Emotional & Physical Benefits Depression Pet owners … Continue reading Pet Owners Stress Less »

Chi Breathing

Chi Breathing

What is Chi Breathing? Chi breathing is based upon the Taoist concept of Chi Gong, or Qigong, which represents energy as flowing according to certain routes in your body. Positive release is accessible through refining the breath. The calming, stress-relieving effects of this exercise are remarkable. It can be performed by anyone, regardless of age, fitness, or medical condition. How to Chi Breathe 1. Stand … Continue reading Chi Breathing »