5 Easy Steps to Prevent Bloating with Personalized Nutrition

Tips to Prevent Bloating

Nobody likes to feel bloated.  Reduce the likelihood of feeling like a balloon with these easy tips:

1. Follow your Blood Type Diet

Eating the right foods reduces the chances that your digestive system will rebel! Find individualized food lists here, or use our Blood Type Diet App.

2. Stay away from carbonated beverages

Tiny bubbles can cause big problems in your gut.  Instead of a carbonated beverage sip herbal teas (ginger is particularly good for gassy tummies).

3. Avoid artificial sweeteners

These troublemakers lurk in everything from chewing gum to fruit juice! Here is a list of Blood Type Diet approved sweeteners.

4. Rinse your beans

Canned beans can make you gassy but draining them and rinsing the beans really well removes the starches that can cause bloating.

5. Drink lots of water

It may seem counter-intuitive, but drinking lots of water cleanses your system and removes excess water and toxins.