Detox Dozen: 12 Superfoods that Naturally Cleanse the Body

Detox Dozen

There are various types of commercially available detox diets, but some superfoods can help clear your body of toxins naturally. Refer to the following list of right-for-all-type foods for your next Blood Type Diet-friendly detox:

The Detox Dozen

1. Lemons

Contain vitamin C that the body needs to make glutathione that the liver uses in its detox process.

2. Blueberries

Loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients.

3. Kale

Jump-starts the liver’s production of cleansing enzymes.

4. Beets

Contain phytochemicals that support detoxification in the liver and blood.

5. Almonds

Remove impurities from the bowels.

6. Flax Oil and Flaxseeds

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that the body uses to improve insulin function, which clears sugars from the bloodstream.

7. Fresh Garlic

Cleanses harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and other invaders from the bloodstream.

8. Seaweed/Kelp

Binds to heavy metals and removes them from the body.

9. Arugula

A natural diuretic that helps to remove excess toxins and water from the blood and supports liver function.

10. Green Tea

Loaded with antioxidants that can help boost your immune system.

11. Ginger

Contains gingerols and shogaols that can help the intestines metabolize food faster.

12. Broccoli

Produces phytonutrients that can enhance the function of phase II liver enzymes that help to remove toxins.

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